William & Kate’s Big Day!

Oh, the wedding bells!..Today is William & Kate’s Wedding Day!
Also known as the Royal Wedding Day. Aren’t excited? I mean yea,
I don’t live in England..But I’m witnessing history here! & I just love a good wedding!
(maybe I should become a professional wedding crasher?!..LOLS)
But all jokes aside, If your not
into the whole wedding seen and just want this “hype” to be over its okay! Because some people might feel
like “hey, its not our king and queens or prince and w.e” But think of the FASHION! yeah!, I know I caught your attention now.. I’ve seen so many hats, gorgeous hats! AHH! I’ve already seen Victoria Beckham looking stunning going into the church! All Female guests are required to wear some type of head garment. From little feathery friends..to your basic looking “church” hats!

Enjoy Some pictures of William & Kate, and Kate’s Style 🙂

Any who, I’ve OFF to “attend” the Royal Wedding! Hope to “see” you there! 😉


The Wedding Photos:

Images From Photobucket.com, Ok Magazine, & Google Images 🙂

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