Review: PARNEVU T-Tree & Extra Dry Hair Care

I recently was contacted by PARNEVU to review a few of their products. Parnevu carries 2 hair care lines, T-Tree and Extra Dry. The T-Tree products are uniquely formulated to promote hair growth, prevent hair breakage, eliminate dry scalp while repairing split ends. The Extra Dry products are formulated to fight the effects of extremely dry hair and scalp. I have been using their products for a couple of weeks now and I have to tell you I am in love with these products. 

I suffer from dry scalp and hair. My hair grows fast but I always seem to easily gain split ends which messes up my growth process. So when I was contacted to test out products focused on these aspects I was intrigued. 

Products Mentioned: 

  • Scalp Oil- I love this product. It is very light weight and soothes itching scalps. I truly recommend this product for people who wear braids and/or weaves. Because it can easily be applied to the scalp to hydrate your hair. Also, a little goes along way! So think about that when you see the 2 oz bottle. RETAIL PRICE: $5.00

  • Herbal Grow- I love using this product to tame my edges. It isn’t a holder or gel. It’s a regular hair oil. But it seriously tames my edges. Which is an essential for if I wear hair extensions or do an up-do. This product is thick but very oily. So it’s extremely hydrating and a little goes along way. RETAIL PRICE: $5.00
  • Carrot Oil- I have never used a carrot oil product before. But from other people’s experience I heard nothing but good things. Everyone says it’s hydrating and helps with hair growth. It is very moisturizing. And I have noticed that my hair feels smoother after use.  RETAIL PRICE: $4.00
Overall, I have to say that Parnevu hair products are great. I will update you all on my hair growth in my second length check video. My first length check video will be LIVE Friday! So stay tuned for the come back of Hair She Grows
Check out my video review below.

Disclaimer: I received all of the items mentioned above from Parnevu for free to test out and give my honest review. i was not compensated for this review nor was my opinion influenced by any means.

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