How to Interview Like A PRO

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Are you looking for a job? Are you afraid of those big interviews? Well I recently had the opportunity to read this book called “How to Interview Like A Pro” written by Mary Greenwood. This is a great book for people who have a few questions about interview etiquette or what happens during an interview.  This book gives you 43 steps/rules that you should try to follow that could help you ace that interview and get that job you always wanted. Greenwood gives you advice that ranges from detailed and practical to a couple of funny advice.

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Chapter 4: How to Answer Interview Questions
Rule 26. Rehearse answers in advance.

This had to be one of my most favorite chapters because she gives you the most commonly used questions from interviews and gives you guidelines on how to answer the questions along with explaining what these questions mean. She also prepares you for questions such as “Why were you fired?” It’s a very hard question to answer especially for people who when they were fired they didn’t leave the job on a good note. She helps you word the answers that you already have into better sounding statements.

This book can help even if you’re looking for a first job, like me, and you wondering what interviews will be like. If you want to be prepared from all angles I recommend this book. You can purchase this book (here).

Disclaimer: This book what given to me to read and form an honest opinion along with a written review. I have received a stipend but that does not influence my opinion my any means. I am not affiliated this the author or publishing company.

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