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Haute Attack or Heart Attack™ 
Cassie’s New Hairstyle

Cassie has did it again! Cassie is known for her few hits. But what made her , HER, was when she pulled the “Cassie”! When she had shaved have of her head everyone went o_O. But of course months , many months later you see about every girl with a “Cassie Hairstyle”. That hairstyle was never really my taste but I have to admit, it looked darn good and Cassie’s head. 
But now Cassie has went even further, but it seems a little for subtle.. She has finally shaved her head and got a regular Mohawk! Some people are still saying “wth is wrong with her” ” what was she thinking” but how much you want to bet they’re going to have this hairstyle in a few months. I personally like it on her! I was waiting for these to happen. & To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulls a “Amber Rose”!
I give it a *HAUTE ATTACK*

What do you think about Cassie’s New Do? 
Do you like it?
Or should she just pull a “Amber Rose” already!?

05 comments on “Haute Attack or Heart Attack&#8482

  • Stephanie , Direct link to comment

    this might seem mean but im not a huge fan of it
    she looked better with all of her hair


  • Mulika , Direct link to comment

    Americans can sometimes strike me as quite conservative. We were rocking the shaved sides and Mohawk yonks ago. I personally had my 'hawk in 2008 and had a bald head after that for about 18 months!

    People complain about the weave and then they complain about natural hair – a girl just can't win!

    Personally I think she looks smoking HOT!

    p.s thanks for the add on IFB. Love meeting new blog-friends and look forward to getting to know you 🙂


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