Favorite Black Owned Beauty Brands

I have been a part of the beauty community and blogosphere for about 10 years now. YIKES! As I sit here writing, I’m reminiscing about how it all started and the first products I purchased on my own. Since then, this community has grown tremendously. Not just with the beauty enthusiasts and lovers but the businesses themselves. There are way more options out now, both high and low end. As a Woman of Color, there wasn’t always a variety of brands to choose from. We didn’t have hair products specifically for our unique coils and textures. We didn’t have the right foundations that matched out undertones properly. But we can discuss “Casket Makeup” at another time. As time went on and some brands expanded into the world of melanin but we also got something else, something bigger was born because of the previous limitations that we once had…


Here I’ve listed some of my current favorite Black Owned Beauty Brands. Each brand I have personally use their products and can honestly recommend them to you all.

Check them out for yourself. I bet you’ll love them as much as I do.

Alikay Naturals

Black Radiance

Black Radiance

Camilla Rose

Coloured Raine


Design Essentials

E’ Tae


Jane Carter Solutions

Juvia’s Place


Miss Jessie’s

Mixed Chicks

Sacha Cosmetics

Shea Moisture

The Lip Bar

The Mane Choice

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