Every Body Is Beautiful

This post is for all of my plus sized, large and in charge fatshionistas, even you average sized readers. I’ve myself have said to many people growing up that if I was to ever feel as though I was gaining to much weight I would get liposuction. Everyone always said “You’re crazy!”, “Why don’t you just work out?” I’ve always considered the quick fix way out when it comes to body images. As I got older I found out about eating healthier and exercising really helping you shed those pounds, with role models like Shay Carl, being able to run 2 marathons and loosing over 100 pounds in about a year it really makes you think. I am not saying that you should never get liposuction. I would still consider that option till this day! I’m just saying try to go the healthier route first, eat healthier, walk at least a mile a day, get off you butt and work out.

All beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s something that we have been preaching for years. You don’t mercenarily have to go the surgery route right away. Consider a healthy lifestyle first before considering liposuction. If you feel as though exercising and eating healthier isn’t working for you, because sometimes it seriously doesn’t work for some people, then you can go looking into liposuction.  Just promise me when you do go looking into liposuction you don’t go the cheap route and get cheap lipo. There are so many risks with liposuction in general much less cheap liposuction. The cheapest liposuctions are abroad. Consider the traveling costs, food and shelter costs, and “just in case” costs. Those things can really add up. Getting cheap liposuction can cause unsightly and painful scarring on the abdomen, infections, evenness or lumps in the stomach area. One common type of lipo people tend to go for is laser liposuction. A laser liposuction cost varies, from your average 2,500 to 10,000. I prefer going to healthier route and I hope you take that into consideration before considering liposuction. I want us all to feel good about our selves and our bodies. Remember ladies, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Anytime you look in the mirror quote those exact words.

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