Cool Find: UNREAL Candy

I wanted to share with you all something that I recently discovered. First let me ask you this, do you like candy? *waits for your answer* Well of course you do! But do you really like what they’re made of? Well if you’re trying to eat healthier but just can’t fight the urge of snacking on a piece of candy you need to try out some UNREAL products. Yes, the name of the company is UNREAL, no, I mean literally!

I received some coupons from UNREAL and I immediately headed over to my local drugstore and purchased some products. My local drugstore only had the UNREAL 41 and UNREAL 54, which are the leading brand’s substitutes. The instant difference you can tell is the color of the candy coated chocolates; they are paler than the regular leading brand. The reason is that chemical dyes aren’t used in the ingredients. Only natural colors from plants such as cabbages, beets, turmeric roots, and achiote tree seeds are used. Even real cane sugar is used.

You do taste a slight difference in the chocolate candy shells due to less sugar added. Other than that it’s is great healthier alternative to the leading brands out there.

I think it’s time we unjunk the wold.

Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent, which is how I received free coupons from UNREAL to test out their products and provide an honest review and promotion. I was not compensated nor was my opinions influenced by any means.

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