Beauty Trends I Love

There are so many Spring and Summer trends for 2012. I have a few that I personally want to try and share with you all. Expect a few tutorials this month inspired by these trends.

Retro Glamour Trend- Adele - Dianna Agron
  • I totally love this trend because it’s a materialistic yet with bold slightly bold features. You can play up with the lip color or keep it classic and have a red lip. The cat-eye eyeliner just gives your eyelashes a glamorous feel.


True Minimalism Trend
  • I love this one because it gives you the flawless skin you always wanted with the barely noticeable makeup that you prefer. With this trend all you need is concealer, powder, and a little subtle blush. Keep the lips clear with maybe a lip conditioner or balm.


  • I personally find this trend odd yet cute. It gives the just woke up / edgy vibe. Most people won’t like this trend because it makes you look like you need to get your eye brows done but I beg to differ.


Extremely Smokey Eyes Trend
  • This trend is perfect for a night out with friend; not date friendly. It is extremely edgy and fierce. If you were to do this look I would recommend keeping everything else to minimal, wear a nude lipstick to make the eyes pop even more.


    Gentle Smokey Eyes - Blake Lively
    • This trend is right between the true minimalism and the extreme smokey eyes trends. Except with this trend you can wear any lip color or blush you choose. Keep the eye makeup with light neutral and mauve tones.
    Wine Stained Lips-just bittin Trend- Emma Stone
    • This trend made it’s way from the fall trends into the spring trends. I love this trend because it’s a color that many people especially young people tend to stay away from. Many young people think that darker lipsticks are for older women and that we should only where the pink gloss or Barbie pink lip colors. I love the dark red lip color. For a safer alternative you can go for the “just bittin” effect lip colors. It’s perfect median for the wine-stained lips and a light lip color.
    I hope you all try some of these trends, if you do let me know & send a picture! 🙂

    xoxo Shanice

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