Beauty Buzz: Hit or Miss- Retro Bordered Nails

I have been noticing these type of nail designs for a couple of months now. Personally I haven’t seen anyone around NY wearing these nail designs yet either. So of course you know I had to jump on my blog and give you all the scoop. This design was created by Madeline Poole. Madeline’s Retro Glam nail designs were featured on Teen Vogue with a how-to tutorial from her herself. 
This design works for both short and even dagger nails. On Teen Vogue, Madeline showcased the Retro Bordered nails with a ring finger twist. She added a glitter base cat along with some loose glitter to give the retro feel a Glam Hollywood effect.
Below are some other bloggers and just nail junkies take on Madeline’s Retro Bordered nails.
Attacked Astoria
Emily Denise Photography
What is your take on the retro bordered nail trend?
Hit or Miss?

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