Beauty Buzz: Beyonce’s Beauty Tips

Beyonce recently spilled her beauty tips and secrets with Glamour magazine. If you want to know hair to achieve your diva glow and voluminous hair stay tuned.
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1. Listen to your mother
“My best beauty advice came from my mother,” says Beyoncé. “She always says that outer beauty fades and inner beauty has a lasting effect. She also told me to wash my makeup off before going to bed. I don’t always, but I’m trying!”
2. Really baby your hair
“I make a hot-oil concoction with natural oils and vitamin E for Beyoncé to put on under a heating cap,” says Beyoncé’s hairstylist, Kim Kimble, who has worked with the singer for 12 years. “She asks for sulfate-free shampoos, which are gentler. She knows so much that I always tease her and say she’s a frustrated hairstylist!”
3. Embrace girl power
“My mom owned a hair salon, which was a great place to see women come together and start friendships,” says Beyoncé. “I did learn a little about taking care of my hair, of course, but the lessons I learned about taking care of others and myself were much greater.”
4. Keep it natural
“Beyoncé just likes to look like herself,” says makeup artist Jackie Gomez, who’s worked with the singer for eight years. “If we use false lashes, we use individuals, and I use a peach-toned primer to brighten her complexion.”
5. Make a statement
“During the last election, Solange said she wanted Obama spelled out on her nails,” says Beyoncé’s manicurist, Lisa Logan. “So I asked Minx to make a nail with Obama’s face on it to surprise Beyoncé and Solange. You can expect to see those again!”

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