Favorite Black Owned Beauty Brands

I have been a part of the beauty community and blogosphere for about 10 years now. YIKES! As I sit here writing, I’m reminiscing about how it all started and the first products I purchased on my own. Since then, this community has grown tremendously. Not just with the beauty enthusiasts and lovers but the businesses themselves. There are way[…]

Beauty Buzz: Coterie

I have recently discovered this online members-only beauty sample sale event website, Coterie. Coterie is an exclusive, but members-only website that features a selective collection of the newest and most popular beauty products. Coterie is also in collaboration with the top makeup artists, stylists and industry trendsetters. They provide us woman, the access to all of the products that we[…]

Beauty Buzz: Belnomad Hair Care

Beauty Buzz of the day:  I have recently discovered some natural, paraben and sulfate free hair products from a company called Belnomad. Their hair care products are made without uses of synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, and more. Belnomad is a botanically enriched line of holistic hair care products. Belnomad was created by a woman for women who desire to have[…]

Beauty Trends I Love

There are so many Spring and Summer trends for 2012. I have a few that I personally want to try and share with you all. Expect a few tutorials this month inspired by these trends. RETRO GLAMOUR I totally love this trend because it’s a materialistic yet with bold slightly bold features. You can play up with the lip color[…]

Beauty Buzz: Alter Ego Hair Dryer

sponsored The Alter Ego Hair Dryer was created to not just make an entrance, but to blow them away! This hair dryer has a combination of 8 heat and speed settings along with a 3 meter swivel cord. Using this Alter Ego Hair Dryer will give you the freedom to dry your hair in a breeze.  This dryer’s powerful motor[…]

Beauty Buzz: Hit or Miss- Retro Bordered Nails

I have been noticing these type of nail designs for a couple of months now. Personally I haven’t seen anyone around NY wearing these nail designs yet either. So of course you know I had to jump on my blog and give you all the scoop. This design was created by Madeline Poole. Madeline’s Retro Glam nail designs were featured on Teen[…]

Beauty Buzz: Beyonce’s Beauty Tips

Beyonce recently spilled her beauty tips and secrets with Glamour magazine. If you want to know hair to achieve your diva glow and voluminous hair stay tuned. 1. Listen to your mother“My best beauty advice came from my mother,” says Beyoncé. “She always says that outer beauty fades and inner beauty has a lasting effect. She also told me to[…]

Beauty Buzz: Calling All Nail Polish Junkies!

Sponsored Post: source I recently embarked on this website called Nail Polish Stars. It’s a review site for all the latest nail polishes to hit the shelves. Some of the reviews on the website have swatches, videos, and more. They even link you to a seller to buy the nail polishes if you would like to order it online. One[…]

Beauty Buzz: Adele Covers VOGUE

source Adele has nailed another magazine cover. She looks amazing and she is representing for the curvy girls. On VOGUE’s March cover Adele had on a low cut vintage looking dress with long voluminous body waves. The makeup was phenomenal, they gave her a coral like skintone eye shadow all over her lids, then defined her crease and smoked out the lower lash[…]

Beauty Buzz: Dark Spot Removal

Sponsored Post: As a teenage girl with acne scarring, I am always on the look for something that can lighten the scars and correct my complexion. I swear this was how my love for makeup came about. I wanted a quick fix because I noticed I kept getting more scars and dark spots on my face. I found out about[…]