7 Ways to Improve Your Body Image & Self Confidence

I am an advocate for body positivity. Not only for the plus size community but for the straight/petite sizes. Just about every female has suffered from low self-esteem due to the way that they look. Ever wondered how it felt always being the FAT sister? I’m talking about when all of your siblings are slim/petite with the perky boobs and small waistlines. BUT! Here you come rolling down the street like a boulder! There are days that I feel like this. I even have friends who struggle to gain and maintain weight. This struggle affects all shapes and sizes and the trolls aren’t making it any easier.

Here are a few ways that can help you improve your confidence and body image!

  • Stop avoiding your body, be open to discussions about it. One of the worst things you can do is not address an issue you have head-on. Be open to new ideas and views.
  • Focus on what you can control and what you can change. Just about anything is achievable. I’m all for accepting and embracing yourself, but I’m also for change, change for the better. Do you want to change? Make a plan and stick to it. You will see a difference.
  • Pamper yourself, self-care is important. Taking time out to relax and enjoy the little things that feel good will always change your way of thinking. It will help give you clarity when in doubt.
  • Listen to a self-help book. I use Audible because I enjoy hearing someone motivate me.
  • Understand that NO one is perfect. I mean no one is. This is something that I even struggle with. No need to compare yourself to the different bodies you see being praised on social media. Everyone has flaws, they’re human. Just remember YOU put out there what others see.
  • Wear fitted clothing, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Feel comfortable in your body, stop trying to hide it. This one is a sensitive topic for a lot of people. Wearing close too large for yourself to mask your size, skinny or curvy, is detrimental. If you’re on the smaller size it will only highlight the fact that you’re swimming in it. If you’re on the curvier size, it will only make you appear larger than you really are. Wearing your correct size will actually benefit you in the end.
  • Make a list of things that you love about yourself and your body. Continue adding to it, then read it all on your worst days. This will give you a purpose, a reason, a why. Having to consistent says positive things about yourself will, in the end, change your perception of yourself,

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